Our beers

Road Trip

Failing to relive our 20s, the Road Trip series brings back freedom, sunshine and the travel playlist! It was designed with a spirit free of limitations but true to its style. Everyone knows a Westfalia when they see one...just like classic IPAs! With no specific destination, the Road Trip series was able to explore different flavors of the journey, always rolling along the American West Coast.

This collection has long made the microbrewery famous for producing stable, hoppy IPAs that live up to the expectations of the noblest Indian Pale Ale. The hops to create them come from the American West Coast and New Zealand, including one of the rarest and hardest to come by Nelson Sauvin. Each Road Trip has its own story like the famous Orange Tie Wrap which is not only full of lime and orange peel but also a Tie Wrap! This road trip accident became a repeated ritual. All roads lead to L.A.! In the company of the Double, the West Coast or the orange Tie Wrap no matter the destination you are in good company.


When you live in a nature village, it's hard not to pay homage. The Chelsea collection is meant to be hyperlocal, taking its water from our rivers, its hops from our farms and its artisans from our homes. It dedicates its finery to nature, trails and outdoor activities. The Chelsea collection is inspired by the seasons as well as the colors of the trees in Gatineau Park to create beers that we seek out in our moment. It's a collection we're proud of that we live in the community we're a part of out of friendship!

The Chelsea White is the emblem of this collection. Sweet with hints of coriander, this fresh beer sails through the mouth like a canoe on our rivers. It has inspired all the other seasons of the Chelsea collection, namely Chelsea Blonde, Chelsea Red, Chelsea Pink and Chelsea Black. Each has its own color that reflects its uniqueness in its flavors.



This collection is inspired by our favorite beers that our colleagues do so well! As long as we're drinking other people's why not have our own?! The Specialty Collection brings together different styles of beers that stand out because of their process, uniqueness or high alcohol content. Unlike thirst-quenching beers, Specialized beers are to be enjoyed and offered.... or not!


Chelsea & Co brings you a smooth and refreshing wheat beer with its coriander and orange scents. This beer, a Belgian style, perfect for those new to microbrewery products.


Chelsea & Co brings you a sparkling, thirst-quenching lager with subtle malt notes. It is lagerized, which makes it of better quality, comparable to the great European lagers. It is for sunshine lovers!


Chelsea & Co's Irish Red is amber and fresh, the perfect blend to enjoy its delicate caramel and nutty flavors. This quality redhead is ideal for those who love reds because it has extra depth. We recommend it to all our Irish and their descendants!



Chelsea & Co's IPAs are true to this beer style and all about flavor! These beers are spicy and hoppy, they are flavorful and have well balanced bitter notes. They are for lovers of tropical fruit, citrus and sunny smells!