Collaboration and sharing


The Chelsea & Co microbrewery is a testament to its environmental values, having been built, almost in majority, with refurbished parts! Traveling miles across America, founder Nicolas Cazelais put together, like a LEGO, this state-of-the-art machinery by reusing equipment from other breweries. His vision is to have an entirely Canadian machinery! Building your own robot is good but automating it with the highest technology is better! The computer system implemented allows to have beers of the highest quality and this, in a constant way. Moreover, the microbrewery has its own auction line. The story flows here, from the beginning to the last drop!

Chelsea & Co also offers you a Tasting room in the microbrewery! This tasting room will open its doors this summer. You will be able to make discoveries in a micro-local atmosphere. Indeed, about 20 seats will allow you to relax as our take-out menu will offer you selections of beers or barrels for home!

On-site, you can also choose to show your local colors by purchasing various products such as clothing, glasses and other promotional goodies! You can have access to home brewing classes, the possibility of renting the fetish Westfalia for your events or keg coolers. Just goes to show that we can all make our own luck in our own time! Chelsea & Co knows that it takes a village to brew a beer.