Chelsea & Co, the very first local microbrewery in Chelsea!

Chelsea & Co is now part of the history of the village of Chelsea! The very first local microbrewery invites its neighbors, as well as people from the Outaouais region and beyond, to come and discover its products and its space. Founder Nicolas Cazelais has once again managed to innovate and offer a unique place that brings together knowledge and creation! A cozy tasting room just steps away from Gatineau Park welcomes you to stay or to take away.

Chelsea & Co's products are perfect for the outdoor atmosphere of "I feel good"! Its different collections: Road Trip, Chelsea and Specialized offer a varied and accessible range of beers from here. Combining perfectly with Gainsbourg's already beloved beers, Chelsea & Co is inspired by the success of the Old Hull project and puts its running shoes on to play outside at Chelsea Bigger, Further, Crazier!

Like a little hideaway in the woods, Chelsea & Co is buzzing with opportunities to share experiences, to showcase its products, and to take a walk afterwards! As they say: there are no bees without honey! An on-site honey house supervised by local beekeepers, cider and brewing classes are just a few examples of the microbrewery's intentions. In ski boots as in sandals on a Thursday, here the dress does not make the monk! You'll see how much we like to hang our feet at the tasting bar, when the relaxed atmosphere invites you to do so. For once we are not out of the village...and that's okay!

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